Empower your Teachers

Get your easy EYFS assessments module on EducoreTeacher

Easy EYFS observation recording

EYFS easy observation and assessment from Educore for early years nursery and daycare
Get your easy EYFS assessments module on EducoreTeacher app to record observations, add evidences for the attainments that each child is getting and track the progress of each child.
Improve teachers performance in a paperless environment, drop heavy booklets and generate PDF tracking reports.
Empower your curriculum coordinators to track class performance

Do you think that teachers face nightmare with the loads of paperwork?

Suffer from the weight of booklets to carry?

Do you look for an easier way to record observations?

Would you require the curriculum coordinator to constantly supervise achieved assessments?

Observations are easily recorded using the tablet

Evidences and attainments for each child are marked

Track the progress of each child anytime

Generate the assessment reports

Track your class performance

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