iEducore is a cloud based management system, so internet is crucial for a flowless operation. And a good internet speed will be very important to share media and pictures between teachers and parents.

iEducore has an exclusive fee structure where you can manage your fees on yearly or termly or monthly basis as per your business model.

You can also design a fee structure for each and every age group.

iEducore is a powerful platform to share media with parents on their App.

Teachers can share images and notifications

Management can share newslteers (PDF), Notifications, useful links and videos. Videos can be shared thru a third party cloud storage

Unfortunately iEducore does not support online payments.

We are proud to say yes, iEducore has a full nurse module that includes:

  • Child Allergy and chronical illnesses definitions
  • Medical Examinition
  • Immunization track
  • Incident report
  • Export incident report for health authorities

Of course iEducore support subblings irrespective of their count in their institution.

You only have to create 1 profile for the parent and assign as many sibblings under this account, consequently they can be viewed on parents App.

Parents can contact thru their App management as well as teachers seperately

Thru the daily reports, Parents can write any query or comment for the teacher.

Also iEducore Parent App have an integrated and independant email module whereby parents can communicate with management thru their personalized and secured email.

iEducore team is ready to listen to your queries and we will assess the use of this alteration if it can hep all partners who are using iEducore.

In case you have any particularity or a form or report that you wish to be exclusively for your usage, then such a customization shall be charged .

Adding extra modules to your basic package is very easy.

iEducore always run with an accounting backend.

you can also add financial reports module, Payroll module, child assessment module and more…

iEducore offers an open platform for your curriculum, we already have the EYFS curriculum and IPC, where you can add to it to amend it or make a curriculum mix or even build your own curriculum and assessment definitions taking into consideration the hierarchy of Area of learning, Aspect, objectives as per age groups.

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