multi-user Secured Multi Users
assures a secure environment where the user can access exclusively the information that he or she is allowed to access.<br /> Secured Multi Users
system-managment Management System
Our easy to use system will streamline your admin processes and allows you to smoothly run your operations eliminating burden on Managers & Admins.
teachersapp Teachers App
A powerful easy and simple to use teacher’s app to record children attendance, daily reports, send pictures of the great moments, send reminders for parents and to record teachers assessments and observation as per adapted curriculum
parentsapp Parent app
Parent app allows Parents to check the daily reports, pictures, events, and activities and receive all communications that your institution is sending in a dynamic, safe and private environment. iEducore Parent App can be accessed from any Android, iOS or PC and it engages parents in the development of their children with you by an effective and instant communication.

Our happy parents

Implementing iEducore for yoru institution is as easy as 1,2,3. Sit back and relax and our team will take care of the setup as per our implementation process.

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